Copper Sulfate Granular 5 lbs.
Copper Sulfate Granular 5 lbs. Copper Sulfate Granular Copper Sulfate 15 lbs.

Copper Sulfate Granular


Product Label

Copper Sulfate Granular is a copper based algaecide that is best applied with a granular spreader.

  • Consult product label prior to use
  • Very fast-acting
  • Less effective in hard water applications
  • No water use restrictions when used as labeled
  • Maximum application rate: 10.88 lbs of product per acre-foot of water
  • Only the 5 lbs. container can ship via UPS Ground 
Due to governmental regulations, we do not ship these products to the following states: CA, CT, ME, NY, NJ, OR, and WA. Read and follow all local, state and federal regulations pertaining to the use and application of these products before ordering. We do not recommend the application of any chemical for algae, weed, parasite, or disease treatment during the summer months in ponds without an aerator in operation. The reactions of many chemicals cause rapid decomposition of heavy vegetation growth and/or greatly reduce the oxygen content of the water, causing distress and possible death to the fish.