DA-1 Pond Aerator
DA-1 Pond Aerator

DA-1 Pond Aerator


This small pond aeration/destratification system is extremely versatile. The air compressor can be mounted as far as one-half mile away from the pond using 1/2” black polyethylene air line to get the air to the pond and 3/8” air line in the water.

The diffuser assembly can be operated in water as deep as 40 feet, and the compressor can be left off for extended periods without damage from corrosion. Maintenance consists of using a simple piston repair kit after two years of continuous running and cleaning of the air diffusers after 3 or 4 years of continuous running (more often if the system is turned off for extended periods of time).


System Components Quantity
 Aluminum Cabinet with Fan 1
Piston Compressor 1
Outlet hose with fittings, 5ft. 1
Weighted Air Line, 3/8" ID, 100' roll 1
Diffuser Manifold with Polyethylene Underlay 1
Fittings & Bolts included