Domestic Koi
Domestic Koi

Domestic Koi


Specifications Chart

Size Price
4-5" $9.00/ea.
6-8" $25.00/ea.
8-10" $49.00/ea.

DOMESTIC KOI (Cyprinus carpio)

IDENTIFICATION: Koi are a descendant of common carp. They have been selectively bred for more than 1000 years to produce the brilliant colorations that we have today. These brightly colored fish make an excellent attraction for any water feature.

DIET: Koi are omnivorous and have dietary requirements similar to goldfish. However, koi seek additional vegetative material and trace elements. As koi owners know, these fish love to root in potted plants, seeking the minerals found in the clay and topsoil.

SPAWNING: Spawning usually occurs over a week long period of time in the spring. Mature females can lay over 250,000 eggs which are fertilized by the males immediately. 

HUSBANDRY TIPS: Koi are fast-growing, large fish with voracious appetites. Often large, mechanical filters are needed to combat murky, green water.