Largemouth Bass
Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass


Specifications Chart

Size Price
3-4" $2.59 ea.
5-7" $5.99 ea.
8-10" $15.49 ea.
12"+ (order by the pound) $19.99/lb.

LARGEMOUTH BASS (Micropterus nigricans)

ALIAS: Black bass, green trout, bucketmouth, bigmouth bass, widemouth bass

IDENTIFICATION: The large mouth extends past the back of the eye when the mouth is closed. A dark band runs along the side of the body from head to tail. Coloration is variable, but is usually a dark green.

DIET: Bluegill, frogs, insects, fathead minnows, golden shiner minnows and other small fish.

SPAWNING: Mid-March to mid-June when water temperatures reach 62̊F. Males construct nests in 2 to 4’ of water on sandy or gravely bottoms. 

FISHING TIPS: Natural and artificial baits work well with casting or spinning gear. Best fishing months are May, June and July.

  100 fish per acre stocking rate is recommended.

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