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Size Price
5-7" $8.49 ea.
7-9" $11.49 ea.

WALLEYE (Sander vitreus)  

ALIAS: Walleyed pike, walleyed pickerel

IDENTIFICATION: A slender fish with large clouded eyes, white tipped tail and innumerable sharp teeth. They have a brownish green body on the sides and a milky white belly. The large, glassy eye allows the walleye to see in dark waters.

DIET: Fathead minnows, golden shiner minnows, sunfish and other small to medium sized fish.

SPAWNING: March to April when water temperatures are 40-50̊ F. Unfortunately, due to the absence of running water and a properly sized aggregate, walleye usually do not spawn in ponds.

FISHING TIPS: Jigs tipped with fathead minnows or night-crawlers are ideal lures for walleye. They are often caught in the pre-dawn and dusk on cloudy days.

  125 fish per acre stocking rate is recommended.

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